Oculus2: Let's start...

As always, it’s hard for me to put my mind together and start. But let’s begin. The idea to start messing around with the device came to my mind accidentally, together with the idea of this blog. The final decision was made after checking the Oculus 2 price on eBay. I was pleasantly surprised that you can buy a working mainboard for about ~$40, a headset for about ~$80, “for parts” setup even cheaper. So, the research should not be costly, even if I screw up a few boards.

This series of posts will be about my adventure in digging into the internals of Oculus Quest 2. I did not work and do not work for Meta and do not have significant experience with the latest Android Platform (I have experience only with the 4.4 -5.x versions). So Oculus 2 is a black box for me, making research even more enjoyable. This is one of several projects I do after work in my spare time. Thus, posts will not be every day/week as soon as the material is ready.

So, the primary goals are:

  • Get a lot of FUN
  • Learn something new. I doubt I will find any vuln in a reasonable time, so it is not on the goal list. If I find any, vulns will be reported to Meta before publication in the blog(actually, any vuln disclosure will be only after Meta approves it). In general, I will do my best to follow the rules of the Meta Bug Bounty Program.

Do not be responsible for any damage caused by using my material.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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